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Lessons from Steve Jobs

It may seem like a reach but there are lessons to be learned from Steve Jobs’ 2005 commencement speech to Stamford University seniors. I will leave it to you to listen and take what you will, but in this short 15 minute commencement speech he talks about looking forward and looking back, the lessons of love and loss, and finally of death.

Life is not what we plan but what we make of it; the key is to accept what comes and approach every situation with a positive attitude, and above all to learn every day.

Thanks Steve for all you have shared with the world. We will miss you.


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These words of Steve Jobs scream out for personal development that will help you live to the fullest. We may not achieve what we desire, but being satisfied with your life is the most important thing.

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I agree that lessons from great people are really important. Lessons from experiences are valuable. Thank you for posting! Will be expecting more from you and keep it up. :)

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Yes, we must live our lives the way we want and never waste a time.

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Well, that was indeed an inspirational speech. And what he has told about life is so true. We have to make it the way we want to live, not the way others want you to live. Following your dreams is the first step to achieve a life like that.

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