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While we discourage blatant advertising, blogs that provide caregiver information and guidance that serve the caregiver community first and foremost are permitted.

Tell your company’s story: don’t tell about your company (do that on your website), tell us why you joined the company (make it personal); tell about of how your company supports caregivers and causes (not products, but actual support: donations, sponsorships, events, etc.;  have a customer register and blog about the way your company/service/product/seminar/book/etc. helped them; tell about your own caregiver experience or that of a family member; talk about caregiver issues, challenges, and solutions; publish caregiver case studies and reports; the important thing is that you should not just talk about your products/services with the standard marketing hype (again that is for your website not the Foundation site), tell about how they have really helped individuals; if you can’t do any of this, then simply highlight caregiver stories that others have published.

In ALL CASES, keep your “promotion” subtle; put your company link in your signature area. If you have provided value your readers will want to know who you are and where you can be reached, they will remember you and support you. If you turn your blog into an ad, it will turn people off and it will be deleted. That said, if you follow the basic common sense rule that community benefits must overshadow any attempt to promote your organization everyone will be happy.

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